Align Your Personal Brand

Make marketing a breeze again.


14-Day Challenge

Learn how to align your personal brand to your playful self in 14 days through 30-60 min. daily challenges that are fun, inspiring, and incredibly insightful.

Anytime, Anywhere

Get easy access to the online program through your personal Kajabi account. Accessible via desktop and the mobile app.

Online Community

The program includes access to the online community in Kajabi. Ask your questions and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Add playful zest to marketing

This program extension isn't about creating a personal brand; it's about embracing your individuality and aligning it with your playful self. By doing so, you naturally attract others, making marketing effortless and fulfilling. Over the course of these two weeks, you'll apply the principles learned in The Foundation within a business context.

The heart of this experience lies in aligning your personal brand with your playful self, with pivotal cross-cutting themes, including: Defining what authenticity really means, clarifying your values and ambitions, coming up with marketing strategies that don't squash your playful spirit, using storytelling techniques that reflect your true self, trying out different formats to get your message across, and adding life to your brand with vibrant visuals.

Carefully designed for:

Entrepreneurs, (aspiring) creators, and curious minds who are hungry to craft a business and personal brand that are both thriving and deeply satisfying.

Check out the FAQs if you have any questions.

Week 1: Reflect & Align

Week 1 kicks things off by understanding that play and work are not poles at opposite ends of our world. You'll also dive into authentic personal branding and its importance. Plus, you'll tackle fun challenges like authenticity audits, brand voice exercises, crafting your signature story, and more.

Week 2: Experiment & Optimize

In Week 2, you'll get very practical. From experimenting with different formats to (re)selecting your main values and topics, collecting personal anecdotes, and updating your platforms!

Launching on May 21st →