Here to reconnect you to your light-hearted, playful self.

Hey there,

First of all, thanks for your curiosity and interest in learning more about my story :)

My name is Stefanie Annique Rensink, but most people call me 'Stef' or 'Steef,' so feel free to use either! In short, I believe that the world needs more art, soul, laughter, celebration, and playfulness. It's the antidote to the 'disease of seriousness' and the recipe for cultivating a society where people experience greater joy and fulfillment in life. To contribute to that, I've created an in-depth online program called The Foundation. It aims to help you reconnect with your playful self through a harmonious blend of daily creative challenges and enjoyable, mind-expanding explorations.

Now, let me share a little bit more about my journey...

During most of my teens and twenties, I took myself and life way too seriously. I was a highly sensitive soul and grew up in an environment that was mostly driven by fear, where I was often told to follow the rules without questioning things too much, to just be happy with what the world handed me, and to prioritize safety over adventure.

Though I experienced some very depressing times, I always sensed there was a different path waiting for me to explore; I 'just' needed to get out there and find the courage to set new things in motion. Currently, at 30, I feel very happy with the life I'm living, and reconnecting with my playful self has played a massive role in that.

In my view, a big chunk of feeling like you're thriving in life and work (or business) is all about strengthening your intuition, facing your fears, building personal resilience, reconnecting with your playful and creative self, and staying curious. Besides that, you need methods that keep you away from procrastination and invite you to start doing (living!) and experimenting.

Now, looking back, that all sounds wonderful, but it definitely wasn't all smooth sailing. I often felt like I was navigating without any kind of map, struggling to find the right tools and resources to guide me along the way. That's why, over time, I've gathered a whole toolbox of mind explorations and creative challenges, piecing them together bit by bit.

Thanks to this toolbox, I’ve personally learned that documenting stories, sharing stories, guiding others, and creating new things all bring me immense joy, and I've been lucky to have explored a wide range of creative avenues over the years, including photography, travel journalism, content creation, painting, and podcasting. Through all those experiences and business ventures, I've also come to really embrace my own unique playful, soft, and creative side and learned to deeply value the dance between staying true to my individual playful and creative self and working in harmony with the world around me, instead of pushing against it.

And just to be clear—I'm not claiming omniscience; I see myself as a lifelong student and a guide in equal measure. I continue to evolve, just as you do. My aim is to share the lessons I've learned and the great tools I've acquired along the way, not as an all-knowing expert or role model but as a fellow traveler on this playful journey, walking alongside you.

So, while I firmly hold the view that all answers lie within you and that external help isn't always necessary, I also believe that having an easy-to-follow plan that lets you put your own spin on things, along with a supportive partner, can help you reach your goals much faster. We all need guidance at times.

Change can be scary, and you might be thinking, "I don't have time for this" or "I can handle it on my own." But let me ask you this: how long have those thoughts been holding you back from truly living a life filled with more joy and depth?

Whether you choose to engage in an online session, participate in a live event, or join The Foundation, you'll discover a supportive environment that welcomes all aspects of you. My commitment to nurturing this spark of playfulness and creativity extends through all offerings.

It's important to note that the initial phase (The Foundation) of the 'Online Program’ is inclusive and open to anyone who wishes to evolve their playful and creative selves. The 2-Week Extension: Align Your Personal Brand is especially created for (aspiring) entrepreneurs and creators who want to align their personal brand according to their newfound insights. And to stay up to date about all future add-ons, make sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter (this also features loads of inspiration and one free challenge every month 👀).

Looking forward to welcoming you into the community,

Stefanie Annique Rensink

PS. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, but I've been living abroad for over 8 years. Currently, I'm based in Bali. All programs and experiences are available in English only. However, my podcast is currently only available in Dutch.

PPS. Want to connect with me on social media and learn more about how I personally add playfulness to my daily routine? Follow @stefanierensink on Instagram or @stefanieannique on TikTok for fun stories and inspiration.