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The Foundation

Learn how to reconnect with your playful & creative self

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28 In-Depth Challenges

Learn how to reconnect with your playful and creative self in one month through 45-60 min. daily assignments that are fun, inspiring, and incredibly insightful.

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Get easy access to the online program through your personal Kajabi account. Accessible via desktop and the mobile app.

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The program includes access to the online community in Kajabi. Ask your questions and connect with like-minded people.

Kick boredom to the curb & amp up your joy!

Get ready to connect with your playful and authentic self through a harmonious blend of daily creative assignments and enjoyable, mind-expanding explorations. Rooted in practicality yet infused with a touch of mindfulness, imagine tasks that aren't just eye-opening but genuinely a lot of fun.

The heart of this experience lies in exploring and evolving your playful self, with pivotal cross-cutting themes, including: strengthening your intuition, tackling (mental) barriers to more playfulness, facing your social editor, sharpening your creative edge through music, movement, meditation, art, and more, and learning how to bring novelty into your everyday life.

Just a heads-up: While I recommend going through the challenges consecutively for 28 days to maintain momentum and stay in the playful flow, feel free to tackle them at your own pace. The program is designed to be flexible, so you can fit it into your schedule and style however works best for you!

Carefully designed for:

Anyone that wishes to evolve their playful and creative selves. The Foundation is truly ideal for those that want to reclaim their time and pursue a more vibrant, adventurous, fulfilling, and less stressful life, where tapping into their playful and creative power isn't just a practice but seamlessly becomes part of their daily existence 👏

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Week 1: Set your intentions & strengthen your intuition

Week 1 kicks things off by setting intentions and tapping into your intuition. You'll go from uncovering situations in which you naturally thrive to exploring your inner guidance more deeply and discovering fun tools such as intuitive doodling.

Week 2: Deepen your connection with your playful self

In Week 2, you'll deepen your connection with your playful self by overcoming creative barriers and exploring related themes such as the impact of fear, learning to let go of perfectionism, discovering how to detach yourself from your thoughts, and more.

Week 3: Explore your creative edge while playing

Week 3 is all about following your curiosity and trying out new creative styles. Imagine challenges such as going on playdates, learning to embrace your inner 'idiot', and exploring your actual dreams.

Week 4: Add a dose of playfulness to your daily routine

In Week 4, you'll figure out how to add a dose of playfulness to your daily routine, setting the stage for a more joyful, easy, and resilient life ahead!

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