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Welcome to Creative Experiences™, where the focus is on igniting your creative spirit without the weight of expectations. These events are a celebration of connecting with yourself and others through the beautiful medium of artistry.

I'm all about crafting experiences that tickle your senses – think art, delicious food, fantastic drinks, and music all rolled into one. It's a chance to just let go, get lost in the moment, and let your creative juices flow. Moreover, you'll find yourself among a dynamic community of individuals who are just as keen on spicing up life with art and forming real connections

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Private Art + Play Retreat in Pererenan (Bali)

Join me, Stefanie, for an exclusive one-on-one Art + Play Retreat in Pererenan, Bali. Over three days and four nights, we'll paint amidst the rice fields, capture your essence in a private photoshoot, engage in a coaching session to help you connect on a deeper level with your playful and creative self, and explore pottery, yoga, or surfing. Retreat to your private room in a shared villa with a pool for ultimate relaxation.

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Embodied Photoshoot in the Canggu area (Bali)

Embrace your authentic self in the breathtaking settings of the Canggu area, Bali. As your photographer, I'll capture your essence in a natural and authentic way. Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, or simply someone looking for real, relatable portraits, this Creative Experience is for you. Book your session today and let your authenticity shine.

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