Get more joy out of life & work

by rediscovering your playful and creative self.

Learn how to add a dose of playfulness to your daily routine

Online Course: The Foundation

Dive into a 4-week daily adventure that's both exciting and profound. Rooted in practicality and infused with a touch of mindfulness, The Foundation features an amazing blend of creative challenges and mind-expanding explorations.

Immerse yourself in fun activities that strengthen your intuition, help sharpen your creative edge, and guide you in adding more playfulness, novelty, and ease to your everyday life.

It's all about embracing the playful you, enjoying your creative power, and discovering facets of yourself that are eager to surface.

Ideal for those looking to pursue a more vibrant and fulfilling life, where connecting with your lighthearted self isn't just a practice but seamlessly becomes part of your daily existence.

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Creative Experiences

Welcome to Creative Experiences™, where the intersection of art and the mind engages your curiosity. Both online and offline events await, designed to help you tap into your creativity without the pressure of expectations.

In a world that often feels monotonous and foreseeable, here, you can find something different. All experiences are dedicated to bringing curious and passionate people together, making creativity and play a cherished priority in your daily life. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls and infuse your daily life with a fun dose of imagination and creativity.

Join a creative journey, where you have the freedom to explore your talents, unearth new passions, pursue your desires, and together, we'll uncover the endless possibilities of your creations and mind.

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We're on this path together

Hey, I'm Stefanie Rensink,

and I'm here to help you reconnect with your playful and creative self! I've personally experienced how this can lead to a greater sense of joy, lightheartedness, and happiness in life. Over the years, I've collected many tools to connect with and evolve your playful self, and I'm passionate about sharing the lessons that I've learned. I strongly believe that playfulness and creativity are gifts inherent in all of us, much like muscles that can be nurtured and developed. While I firmly hold the view that the answers lie within you and that external help isn't always necessary, I also believe that having a supportive partner can expedite your journey. So, that's where I come in—I'm here to be your guide and companion on this fun path of self-exploration and playful expression.

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